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FYI...the above "about" is a joke...sorta. I'll let you figure out
what parts are. What is not, is that every bit of profit from this
site goes to help Veterans and their familes.  Semper Fi
Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, lived the Supreme Magi of all Gypsies.
The Magi being a Magi of course was the Wise, All Knowing and All Seeing of All
Gypsies. With the ability to see deep within the hearts of Ordinary Mortals.

This Magi was from a Time and Place where Men were Men and, their Women were
Luscious and Fiery. They rode upon the Back of Mighty 2 Wheeled Iron Horses,
within the Great Armored Chariots, and on the Backs of the Great Eagles Steel
Wings. And wherever they rode their Flag of Freedom Flew with Pride.

One day the Magi decided to look for Himself to see if there were even one Gypsy
worthy to receive the gift of Sight. Someone who felt the true calling of Pride and
Honor for Flag, Country and His People.

The Magi searched all the galaxies, until one day, he stumbled upon a young boy in
that Magical Land known as America.

This young boy who was of both Royal Gypsy and Indian Bloods was destined to be
both a Warrior and Poet.

The Old Magi saw this was good and Blessed the young boy with the ability to see in
to the hearts of his Brothers and Sisters.

The young boy grew into a Man. A True Gypsy.

Seeing what was in the hearts of his Brothers and Sisters, and realizing that they had
trouble speaking what was in their hearts, this Gypsy decided to help his Brothers and
Sisters to regain their lost soul and speak what was truly in their heart of hearts.

Whence he took the Magical White Tiger and bequest upon Him to provide to his
Brothers and Sisters the gift of speech.

That speech manifested itself through the writings on skin through Tattooing, to the
Signs and Decals placed for all to see. To the Statues which would guide and honor,
to the Leather Armor to be worn for Protection. All to honor his people, his country,
his flag and his true faith and allegiance to the same.

This Gypsy brought forth the tools and magic to allow all of his Brothers and Sisters
to show their true faith and allegiance to the Brotherhood of those who call
themselves Americans, Patriots, Bikers, Tattooers, and Military.