A vinyl graphic is a single color vinyl sheet that has been computer cut using a Computer Cad-Cut
program and a vinyl-cutting plotter.
These are not some cheap printed decals that fade in a few months.
These Decals come to you in three layers. The top layer is called the Transfer Tape. It looks somewhat
like regular masking tape. The middle layer is the actual Decal, the vinyl cutout which will be applied to
any smooth surface. The bottom layer is a Backing Paper treated with a release agent.
We use only 9-Year HIGH PERFORMANCE cast vinyl film with a high gloss surface. And 5 Year
Metallic Silver

The designs you see in the pictures are exactly what your vinyl graphic decal will look like. The black
background (*in most cases black will be shown as the background) is NOT a part of the decal itself.
That black background, is representative of the surface you will be applying your vinyl graphic decal to.
Be it a car or truck window, store window, spare tire cover, living room wall, toilet seat, you get the
picture. These are one color only.
You will be able to chose from

You will notice on the design pages, sizes are as follows:
Small   Up To 10x10 Inch    
Medium Up To 12x12 Inch  
Large  Up To 14x14 Inch    
X-Large Up To 18x18 Inch

White is the default color. If you do not actually select a color, white is sent. Please verify your
selection on your invoice.

Because our graphics are hardly ever perfectly square, a design can be up to the one stated size on one
side, but less than the stated size on the other side. For example, an Extra Large USMC #1001, will be
aprox 18 inches tall, but around 14 inches wide. This is because to keep the actual perspective of a
design, some designs are taller than they are wide, or visa-versa.
A design can also lose a bit of size due to the cutting. So if you require a design to be a specific exact
size, please email us before placing your order so we can work with you on the exact measurements.

Some graphics, due to their nature and or size, may also be cut and shipped in 2 or more sections.
Generally this only happens with the Extra Large graphics. We do it this way because even professional
graphic installers sometimes have problems getting an over-sized graphic applied without getting air
bubbles or folds in the graphic. So by cutting the graphic in 2 or more sections, makes it easier for you to
install. As well as less chance of damage in shipping.
What exactly is a vinyl graphic
Product Data Bulletin: A9-O

9-year HIGH PERFORMANCE cast vinyl film

A9 Opaque high performance cast vinyl films are premium quality, flexible,
opaque solid color, high gloss, thin, vinyl films designed for use in architectural, transportation
and general signage markings. A9 Opaque films offer exceptional value for
applications requiring high quality gloss and color films with extended durability.

· Outdoor durability: 9 years when properly processed and applied (vertical exposure,
unprinted film)**
· Application surface contours: Flat, Flat with Rivets, Rivets and Corrugation, and Compound
· Minimum surface and air application temperature: +40° F (4° C)
· Service Temperature Range: -50° to 180° F (-46° to 82° C) (Reasonable range of
temperatures which would be expected under normal environmental time and temperature
· Typical Chemical Resistance: Resistant to most mild acids, alkalis and salt solution.
· Typical Adhesion Values: 180° Peels
· Typical Gloss: 90
· Tensile at Yield: 4.0 lb/in. to 8.0 lb/in. (0.7 kg/cm to 1.5 kg/cm)
What type of Vinyl is used?
In colder climates, decals on windows of vehicles can be damaged by the scraping of frost or ice
from the windows. Mild window cleaner may be used to clean the windows without damage to the
On painted surfaces of vehicles, care must be taken when waxing. Wax will build up around the
edges of the decal, and will need to be removed. Use a soft cloth, and take your time, and be gentle.
DO NOT USE: A brush, for example will force the wax underneath the edge of the decal, and the
decal will begin to peel. Your Decal will not be damaged by normal use of car wash products, or
water. Although the decals will withstand pressure washers, car washes, these will reduce the life and
appearance of your Decal. The decals will not last forever, but will give you many years of enjoyment
if taken care of.
How should I care for my
These Decals can be removed when you are tired of the look, so this process is not permanent as
painting on surface.

These self-adhesive films have been designed to create high quality promotional,
architectural and fleet decals and markings. Should removal of markings with permanent
adhesive be required, differences in film characteristics (e.g., vinyl vs. polyester) and the
substrate surface (e.g., painted vs. unpainted) will combine to make each removal slightly
different. The purpose of these instructions is to provide a general removal method useful in
many removal situations. Always test a small area before commencing decal removal to ensure
that the substrate will not be damaged.
Suggested removal tools
· Heatgun
· Knife
· Razor blade
· Putty knife
· Cleaning solvent
Cold pull method
In many instances, it is merely a matter of picking or lifting an edge of an applied decal and
pulling to remove the entire decal. This can be achieved with the use of a fingernail, putty knife,
knife or razor blade. Once an edge has been lifted, grasp the decal with your hand and pull the
decal away from the substrate. Minimizing the degree of the pull angle will reduce the potential
for adhesive transfer--typically less than a 45° angle will meet this requirement. However,
success can be achieved at greater than 45° angles, but adhesive residue may still be present.
When the temperature is below 50° F (10° C), there may be instances where difficulty in removal
is encountered. Such difficulty could cause tearing of the decal to be removed or excessive
adhesive residue. When these situations arise, the heat method (below) is recommended.
Heat method
With a heatgun, heat entire decal by holding heat source approximately 6 to 12 inches
(15 – 30 cm) away from the surface. After heating the entire decal for approximately 30-60
seconds, loosen a corner of the decal and pull marking back slowly. A slow, steady pulling and
lifting action at less than a 90° angle will usually prevent film from breaking and will remove most
of the adhesive from the substrate. If decal becomes hard to pull, stop, reheat the decal and
proceed with removal.
Any adhesive residue remaining may be removed by wiping with a clean rag saturated with mineral
How should I care for my
The application of  Vinyl Graphic Decals requires a small degree of skill, and concentration. If you
feel you cannot apply this Decal yourself, any auto detailer, or body shop should be able to apply it
for you. White Tiger LLC and WhiteTigerLLC.com cannot be responsible for replacing decals that
have been damaged during application.
Shipping of your Graphic.
All items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation and Insurance.
In general, an item is paid for one day, put into production the next business day, and shipped the
following business day after that.

Those designs also have a MAXIMUM on the number of letters-spaces for a design.

All of our items are printed or made in the order in which payment is received. During our busy
season (ie: summer, certain holidays, certain events like Daytona Bike Week for example) it can
take an extra day or so to get your item made, packed and shipped.

Vinyl graphics generally take approximately 5 to 7 days to make, pack and ship. NOT including
weekends and holidays.

Over-sized items and special request items can take an extra day or so over the above mentioned
times depending on the size and complexity of the design as well as if designing something from

Please also note, in the case of eChecks, the item will not be made, packed or shipped until
AFTER your eCheck has cleared and we receive the cleared notification from PayPal.

Our business days and hours are Monday through Fri, 9am to 5pm EST. We are closed most
weekends & holidays.

On occasion, life interrupts and things happen. Our famous Florida storms, tornado's and even
hurricanes, power outages, computer crashes, etc. In case your item is not delivered within a
reasonable amount of time, chances are there was an issue like this. In that case, please rest
assured, we are working to correct the issue as fast as we can, and will get your item out as soon as
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It has no longer become cost efficient for us to actually print our own t-shirts. We are
working on removing the "T-Shirt" option from the ordering information. If you do in fact
order a t-shirt, we will refund your payment ASAP. It has no longer become cost efficient
for us to actually print our own t-shirts. We are working on removing the "T-Shirt" option
from the ordering information. If you do in fact order a t-shirt, we will refund your payment
All of our Printed items are now at
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We want you to be happy with your purchase.
If we make a mistake, we will correct it.
If we accidentally send you the wrong item, size, color, design, we will replace it when you ship
back the original in it's original condition AND we will refund your return shipping as well.
If the vinyl graphic fails to apply properly......
We are not doing the install, so we first suggest you find a qualified graphic installer. If there is an
issue, ship us the vinyl graphic. We will then send it on to the manufacturer for testing. If there is a
problem with the vinyl or application tape, we will again, refund your shipping, plus either replace
or refund your original purchase.
IF the manufacturer tells us application issues were due to 'operator error' in applying the vinyl
the best we will be able to do is send you a new one at cost plus shipping.