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My name is Robert, and yes I am an AFPA Certified Personal Trainer.  I am
also a
Silver & Fit Program Fitness Instructor.

The last few years, with television shows like the Biggest Loser, trainers like
Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper, hardly anyone today has not heard of
'Personal Trainers'.

But what exactly IS a personal trainer?  According to Wikipedia, a personal
trainer is one who "helps people exercise".  Yeah, brought down to the very
basic of ideas, that is what a personal trainer does, they help you exercise.
But then, so can your 80-year-old grandmother, your 3-year-old toddler, or
some 300-pound overweight pizza munching, junk food craving, sweet
tooth junkie at the local convenience store. They can all 'help you'. That
does not mean they know what they are doing, or how to do it safely.

My own definition of what at exactly is a personal trainer, is just a bit more
involved than 'someone who helps you exercise'.

My job if you will, is to
teach and help you meet your goals through
proper and safe exercise, diet, motivation, and education

Just as any other type of 'teacher' I see it as my responsibility as your
personal trainer to teach you and provide you the tools and information on
proper technique, diet, how the body works, and anything else that is
needed for you to be successful during and after our sessions that will help
you achieve your personal goals in health and fitness.

My training methods include cardio and resistance training. Combining both
resistance and cardio activities ensures the highest amount of calorie burn.
I have also been known to improvise with everything from boxing gloves to
machines, free weights, even ropes and chains. I use every tool I can to
help you achieve your goals. I have even been known to put people in the
water with my wife who is a Certified Water Aerobics Instructor.

I will encourage you, push you, cheer for you, cajole you, coax you, and
yes, I may even raise my voice an octave or two if that is what it takes to
help you succeed. The goal is to get you from the point you are at, to the
point where you want to be. Most people have no idea of what they truly
are capable of, the distance they can really go to. Part of my being a
trainer is to help you get through that wall where you are at, and to the
other side of that wall.

To help do this, I create goal specific programs; this means whether you
want to lose weight, gain strength, build muscle, or improve your overall
fitness level, your program will be custom built for you.

Remember, a reasonable diet and proper safe exercise is the
ONLY way to
successfully control weight and be physically fit. My job is to help you do
just that.

Yours in health and fitness,


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Mr. Robert
Your Certified Personal Trainer
Belleview, Florida, Including The Villages and Ocala, Fl
Individual Program Design
To Help YOU Lose Weight, Build Muscle, Get Fit
For all the morons in the world looking for a free handout, or to sue
someone; everyone please take note:
I am a Personal Trainer. This is a Personal Trainer website. It is not a
doctors page. Neither anything on this website nor myself, is to be even
remotely considered a medical doctor. I do not practice medicine, I do not
dispense medical advise, I do not diagnose, treat, advise on, or in any
other way, any medical issues you may or many not have.
If you are sick, see your doctor. If you have medical questions, see your
doctor. Before starting ANY diet or exercise program, GO SEE YOUR
DOCTOR AND GET HIS PERMISSION FIRST. By the way, this disclaimer
goes for each and every page on this site.
Sorry, too many law suit happy people in the world today.
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